Pecan Square Greeting House

Client: Hillwood
Location: Northlake, Texas

The goal of this hospitality hub was to provide engaging, interactive, and vibrant spaces to support the ways in which people work, play and live, and to be an amenity for residents and the general public. The project was challenged to seamlessly integrate environments for co-working, food and beverages, lounge and event spaces, offices, a maker’s space, and a welcome center to greet visitors.

The aesthetic is a modern take on the “kick your heels up” Texas lifestyle, which thrives on human connection between old friends and new; and inspired a design intended to encourage chance encounters. The industrial brownstone-style-inspired brick and metal details from the exterior extend into the interior, where they are softened with local pecan wood, warm leathers, and bold interior furnishings. Flexible furnishings and transformative design features – like a curved welcoming bar that becomes multi-height and double-sided as it moves through the space, intersecting wood platforms that provide seating layers that blend into stairs and sliding glass walls that divide the space for different size events; complete this comfortable and approachable interior- a place for people to meet, gather, sit, and stay awhile.