Client: Opus
Location: Champaign, Illinois

Seven 07 is a multifamily student housing building located in Urbana, Illinois. Our challenge was to design a safe, functional space that would appeal to both students and their parents and stand out from the many choices available for student housing at the University of Illinois.
Amenity spaces included private and collaborative study areas, fitness and wellness, indoor/outdoor entertainment and social gathering. An eclectic palette was selected rather than the typical school colors to appeal to the diverse student population. Warm woods and natural materials were blended with sleek, man-made materials. Local art and repurposed vintage furniture incorporated the local vibe of the community.
Our custom fabrication capabilities provided one-of-a-kind designs for the reception area, community tables and wall units. Unique features such as stadium seating looking out to the University, study corals built into window wells, custom graphics and painted murals made this property a standout.