Whisper Valley

Client: Taurus Investment Holdings
Location: Austin, TX

Our challenge was to provide an environment to welcome visitors and preset the unparalleled energy saving features and leading edge technology offered at this residential community in Austin, Texas. Every home will have geothermal heating and cooling, solar and Google Fiber high speed technology. A 16’ long underground display with LED lights that flow and change color through a pipe system demonstrates geothermal technology (Photo 6). Google Fiber, Solar and Nest technology are highlighted in a 3D house display with a series of exhibits and interactive monitors that demonstrate the cost, energy and time saving benefits offered in this innovative community.The reception desk has a corrugated metal front with a back drop of 8 contour-cut, 16’ tall painted wood trees that emulate the community logo (Photo 3). A fully accessorized kitchen with highly efficient Bosch appliances is surrounded by moveable furnishings to make space for healthy cooking demonstrations and marketing events, with a presentation space for educational venues and community meetings (Photo 5).
Adjacent to the community swimming pool and fitness center, the Welcome Center not only educates, but also demonstrates the lifestyle of this community.

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View Floorplan
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